Beyond Espionage

China’s Quest for Foreign Technology

By William C. Hannas, Didi Kirsten Tatlow

A comprehensive analysis of China’s foreign technology acquisition activity and how this has helped its rapid rise to superpower status.

Didi Kirsten Tatlow<br>
Didi Kirsten Tatlow

Senior Fellow at the German Council on Foreign Relations in Berlin, Germany, and Senior Non-Resident Fellow at Project Sinopsis in Prague, Czech Republic.

William C. Hannas
William C. Hannas

Professor and Lead Analyst at the Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET), Georgetown University, Washington, DC, USA. Prior to this he was a member of the Central Intelligence Agency’s leadership cadre and a three-time recipient of its McCone Award.

Rise to Superpower Status

Essential reading for students of Chinese politics, US foreign policy, intelligence studies, science and technology studies, and International Relations in general.

China’s Tech Threat

China’s “hybrid” system of legal, illegal, and extralegal import of foreign technology, combined with its indigenous efforts is enormously effective and must be taken seriously.

“…a mosaic that shows how China’s military and economic strength rests not insignificantly on the shoulders of others’ creative work.”–The Wire (China)